The Best Ways to Utilize CAD Tech Support To your Advantage

The Best Ways to Utilize CAD Tech Support To your Advantage

Most consumers don’t have time to wait around for on-site visits or search through online forums to find their CAD answers. Providing remote tech support will increase the company’s business success, customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.


Scheduling and sending out technicians into the field is very expensive. Remote tech support means that companies do not need to maintain vehicles. Instead, office CAD techs answer incoming questions or perform outgoing calls to check-in with clients. As customers resolve their problems and receive excellent customer support, their word of mouth referrals will increase the customer base.


Customer service techs that take phone calls can help many customers during their shift, but those who use live chat programs will be able to simultaneously help multiple customers. Live chat customer support programs increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Perhaps this is why more and more brand name corporations offer live chat support options on their websites. Business owners must consider that a single customer support tech can handle three to four remote sessions. If each session takes one hour, that results in three to four billable hours.

After Hours Support

A customer service call center that offers technical support for CAD clients can run 24-hours a day. In fact, certain situations, such as software updates or large patches, are best performed after working hours. For independent clients who work out of their homes, having tech support available at night is extremely helpful. Advertising that tech support is always available is an excellent marketing tactic because companies that face project deadlines will appreciate the extra support.

Develop an Effective FAQ Section

While phone and live chat are important, a well-organized FAQ section on the company’s website is also very helpful. A user-friendly FAQ page can resolve potential problems and intercept customer complaints before a CAD tech support inquiry is submitted. Be sure to only include common questions with simple answers. Complex, technical questions should reference manuals, online resources and the customer service phone number. FAQ sections must be kept up-to-date, easy to navigate and very concise.

Integrate Tech Support into Social Media Platforms

Social media sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, are great ways to improve tech support operations and outreach. While they don’t replace phone and email support, they can reduce the amount of potential customer complaints and support inquiries. There should always be someone who monitors social media sites for complaints, so they can respond with a promise of a resolution and a polite request to call the company.

In order to be successful, be sure to empower tech support staff to perform their jobs, make business decisions and reach out to others for help.

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