How to Prevent Sports Injuries: 6 Helpful Tips

How to Prevent Sports Injuries: 6 Helpful Tips

From a sprained ankle to a torn knee ligament, there are several painful injuries that can occur on the field of play. The good news is that some injuries can be prevented. Here are some proven ways to avoid getting hurt while playing sports.

Wear the Appropriate Footwear
Some people have a bad habit for wearing the wrong shoes for the specific sport. For example, attempting to play a game of basketball in running shoes is far more likely to cause an injury. Furthermore, you need to choose a shoe that provides the best possible fit. According to ABC News, it is a good idea to get a biomechanical assessment before buying a new pair of athletic shoes.

Get in Shape
In an effort to satisfy their passion for playing sports, some people opt to participate in local recreational leagues. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the best physical condition. Research shows that out-of-shape individuals are more likely to get injured. If you haven’t been active for quite some time, prepare your body for the upcoming sports season by training for at least a few weeks.

Warm Up Beforehand
Whether you are preparing for a tennis match or getting ready to play tag football, it is essential that you warm up your muscles and tendons. As mentioned in an article posted in the Boston Herald, the primary purpose of a general warm-up is to increase blood circulation. Lightly jogging in place can actually make a big difference. This is especially important for the athletes who are dealing with an old injury.

Rest Your Body
You must make it a priority to get enough rest. While you are sleeping, your body effectively repairs itself. Ideally, you should be getting at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you are experiencing insomnia, pay close attention to your daily caffeine intake. The caffeine in a single cup of coffee can remain in your bloodstream for several hours.

Consume Enough Water
Never underestimate the importance of consuming enough water. A lot of muscles injuries actually stem from dehydration. Try to drink fresh water throughout the day. While sports drinks are good for replenishing your electrolytes, stay away from sodas at all costs. If you want a post-game beverage that is loaded with nutrients, consider drinking chocolate milk.

Don’t Play Through the Pain
While there is nothing wrong with putting forth your best effort, never ignore the signs of pain and discomfort. Your body is telling you that it needs some immediate attention. Being hard-headed can definitely create an even bigger issue.

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