How to Prevent an Ankle Injury: Tips and Tricks

How to Prevent an Ankle Injury: Tips and Tricks

Taking the right precautions can significantly reduce the risk of an ankle injury. tips for preventing an ankle injury include selecting the right footwear, warming up prior to athletic activities and avoiding uneven terrain that may carry an increased risk of injury. Runners, joggers and those who have suffered from a previous injury may be at increased risk of sprains, muscle strain as well as injured tendons and torn ligaments. While foot and ankle injuries are a common occurrence for both serious and casual athletes, taking a few basic precautions can make a considerable difference.

The Importance of Stretching and Warming Up

Performing a few minutes of light stretches is a very effective way to reduce the risk of injury. Taking a few moments to stretch and warm up muscles prior to a workout or engaging in strenuous activity is always a good idea. Repeating the same motion over and over can place a great deal of stress on the human body. Warm-up exercises and performing a repetitive motion at lower intensity prior to beginning a run, jog or other activity can help to protect ankles and other joints from suffering an injury.

Selecting Proper Footwear

Shoes that do not provide adequate support can lead to many problems. Jogging and running shoes are designed to cushion the impact of each footfall and provide support lower extremities. While the right running shoe can reduce the risk of an injury out on the track, even casual shoes can create problems if they do not provide effective support. Seeking out shoes that will be able to provide superior support can improve comfort and reduce foot strain as well as helping to minimize the risk of an ankle injury or sprain. Wearing the wrong shoes can place additional strain on tendons and ligaments that may not be able to handle the added stress.

Reducing the Risk of Reoccurring Injuries

Suffering an ankle injury can lead to increased risk of future sprains or damaged tendons and ligaments. Wearing an ankle brace in the months following an injury, and making an extra effort to ensure the joint is fully healed before resuming a workout routine or taking part in strenuous activity can make a huge difference. An ankle brace is an effective way of decreasing shock and load stress that might impede recovery, slow healing times or aggravate an existing injury. Proper care should always be taken to ensure past injuries have fully healed before engaging in any activities that may place stress on ankles and other joints.

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