How To Make Wearing Dentures More Comfortable

How To Make Wearing Dentures More Comfortable

When you wear dentures, it is essential to keep the items comfortable so that you can continue to talk and chew food easily. Use these techniques to ensure that your dentures are not causing any pain.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 1: Make Sure That Your Dentures Fit

If you lose or gain weight, then the size of your mouth can change, requiring an adjustment of your dentures. In addition, as you age, your mouth’s gums might shrink, leading to loose dentures. Visit your dentist to have your dentures adjusted to fit properly when the devices are too loose or too tight.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 2: Keep Your Dentures Clean

Learn how to care for your dentures to keep the items clean. If your dentures have a buildup of debris, then the devices won’t fit correctly, and this can lead to sores inside your mouth. While caring for your dentures, make sure to protect the items from damage to avoid breaking the support or crowns.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 3: Use Topical Ointments Inside Your Mouth

If you develop a sore inside your mouth, then apply a soothing topical ointment that will eliminate any bacteria. Carry this ointment with you so that you can apply it several times a day. When your mouth sores won’t heal, visit your dentist’s office for an evaluation to determine if your dentures are damaged.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 4: Remove and Insert Your Dentures Properly

Make sure to remove and insert your dentures properly to avoid damaging the items. If you don’t understand how to insert and remove your dentures, then make sure to have a dentist or dental hygienist show you how to perform these functions.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 5: Use Denture Adhesives 

You can buy denture adhesive products at local drugstores to use on the supports of your dentures. There are plastic materials that you can attach to your dentures, or you can use a liquid product that you squirt onto the supports.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 6: Remove Your Dentures At Night

Instead of wearing your dentures at night, remove the items to soak in a cleansing tray. This gives your mouth and bones a chance to relax after wearing dentures for most of the day.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 7: Eat Soft Foods 

When you are having any pain in your mouth from your dentures, make sure to eat a soft food diet. Avoid consuming tough pieces of meat or fibrous vegetables. You can eat soft cooked vegetables, applesauce, soup or mashed potatoes.

Comfortable Dentures Tip 8: Keep Your Mouth Hydrated

Make sure to keep your mouth hydrated with fresh water, or you can use specialized mouth rinses that help to prevent a dry mouth condition.

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