How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading: 3 Valuable Tips

How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading: 3 Valuable Tips

Helpful Psychic Readings

Today, many people visit psychics to obtain “readings”. Although no psychic can guarantee 100% accurate results, and clients cannot reliably base their actions upon predictions, these types of sessions in many instances do furnish helpful information that eventually enable clients to solve mysteries, locate lost items or make wise planning choices.

For example, the late highly regarded psychic Peter Hurkos won numerous awards from police departments for assisting investigations by furnishing leads. Although some investigators disputed his abilities, he likely helped point investigators towards useful issues in some cases. Other psychics have assisted people in locating missing aircraft, finding remains, and identifying important locations in some investigations. Three tips may prove helpful in obtaining accurate personal psychic readings:

Attend Readings With an Open Mind

Probably the most important step for obtaining an accurate psychic reading involvesĀ keeping an open mind and resisting the urge to try and debunk a psychic’s often fluid or general statements. People who discredit the possibility of receiving accurate psychic information rarely obtain anything valuable from a reading.

A popular saying advises that minds resemble parachutes and must “remain open” to work. If you participate in a psychic reading with the intention of discrediting or confusing the reader, you’ll likely miss helpful information and you may even subtly communicate an uncooperative or skeptical attitude that thwarts the uninhibited flow of intuitive communications by the psychic.

Go in Pairs

Some talented psychic readers prefer clients to attend in pairs. A companion can worry about recording information, while the psychic and the subject focus on the reading itself.

For instance, the late psychic Edgar Cayce went into a trance state while providing readings. A secretary recorded all his messages to clients, and the varied communications today fill an entire archive.

Respond to Some Questions

Some psychics appreciate helpful feedback from visitors to let them know whether or not the information they furnish seems useful to the client. For instance, John Edwards, who gives psychic readings to groups, often receives messages during the course of a reading and he may pause and ask for feedback from audience members to focus his attention on specific individuals.

People attending psychic readings need to refrain from furnishing too much information, however, since that process might cause a psychic to rely more upon feedback and not focused intuition. By following an individual psychic’s preferences with respect to this subject, you’ll obtain optimal reading conditions.

Potentially Useful

Subjective impressions about psychic readings often matter. Stories abound about people attending readings, only to make sense of the messages they receive weeks, months or years later. Yet by keeping an open mind, recording communications, and cooperating, many people obtain insights.

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