A Guide to Choosing the Tile to Fit your Kitchen’s Design

A Guide to Choosing the Tile to Fit your Kitchen’s Design

The kitchen has slowly grown to become more of a family room than just a place of cooking as people like to gather while food is being prepared. It is because of this that most kitchen designs have not only the necessary utilitarian requirements but also a beautiful place where people gather. Tiling your kitchen can be so daunting especially if you’re looking to set a theme that other people will also love. It may be a little difficult knowing where to start from when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your kitchen. Here are guidelines to make the process easier.


1. Where in your Kitchen do you want to Tile?


This is the most crucial step to tiling your kitchen when deciding where the tiles will be put. With tiles, there is no limitation if you want to tile your entire kitchen wall all the way to the ceiling. This will help you achieve a feeling of luxury and height. However, if what you want is just color highlights, you can choose to tile your countertops.


2. Tile Size and Room Size


In most cases, small-sized tiles are suited for small areas like bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. As opposed to this norm, people are using large tiles in their kitchens to make the room feel airier and larger. Using floor tiles on your kitchen walls will make it seem more cohesive. However, you cannot use wall tiles for your floor. If you have a large kitchen, you have more options; you can pick from dark to light tiles.


3. Color


Before you choose your kitchen tiles color, you need to consider the general theme you want to achieve for your kitchen. If you want vibrant options, consider selecting colors that contrast.


4. Grout


It is crucial to decide on the right grout for your kitchen tiles. A contrasting grout will emphasize the design and lines of your tiles, a grout in a tone that complements your tiles well, on the other hand, have a subtle effect. Make sure your tiled grouted areas are well sealed to prevent them from staining.


5. Pattern and Texture


If you are not sure about patterned tiles, then you could go for shaped tiles like arabesque or hexagonal tiles since you can use them creatively and they always turn out beautifully. Another option is using metro-style tiles to create a decorative effect using eye-catching designs like the herringbone layout.


Ideally, you need to ensure that whatever design and color of tiles you settle on, they need to flow with the rest of the kitchen’s design and your home in general.

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