8 Ways a Custom Challenge Coin Makes a Unique Gift

8 Ways a Custom Challenge Coin Makes a Unique Gift

Challenge coins are one of the best items to consider as part of your organization’s branding process. These coins are tangible tokens of appreciation that carry a history of their own and denote that someone has gone above and beyond the assigned tasks to earn it. They are not gifts: they are rewards for a job well done. Check out 8 reasons why a custom challenge coin is the best choice for your group.

1. Coins have a history

The moment a challenge coin is earned, a protocol goes with it, starting with a special handshake which puts the coin on the receiver’s palm as a gesture of gratitude. Just the fact of receiving the coin for doing something outstanding goes to show that your group holds high quality standards and values.

2. Protocol

It is not just about earning a coin. It is also about safekeeping it. As a gesture of loyalty, coin earners should keep the coin handy at all times. They should not pass it on, sell it, give it as a gift, or leave it at home. The idea is that, at any moment a “challenge” may be called upon the group, for instance, paying for the group’s tab. Showing the coin means saving you from being challenged.

3. Tradition

Having a system in place to award the coin, and a tangible way for people to see what it takes to earn it, builds a sense of tradition and rigor in the workplace.

4. Challenge

When you challenge an employee the natural result is the want to do bigger and better things once a nice reward is at stake. A custom challenge coin is an attractive, one-of-a-kind symbol of achievement that not everyone gets. It is not a participation trophy, but a symbol of tradition and rigor that sets people apart.

5. Beauty

Imagine the impression upon competitors when they see the brand logo, colors, and symbols of your group minted on a unique coin. This beats any t-shirt out there, especially since coins come with their own sets of rules to use them in challenges, and with their own set of requirements to earn them. Stationary, shirts and cup holders pale in comparison to a challenge coin.

6. Uniqueness

As we stated previously, the art of coin making is unique. You get to pick from a series of styles, ends, colors and finishes to create something that only your organization can have. A simple coin made just for you means a lot. It shows that your group stands out from the rest, and that things are done differently where you work. Challenge coins are good for any group that wants to feel truly special.

7. Identity

Challenge coins can be also used by large family groups, to commemorate family reunions, special occasions, or just to offer as a keepsake or heirloom. Make them a rite of passage for graduations, baptisms, or simply make your own rules to get them.

8. Value

For less than what it costs to send to make t-shirts, your company can mint its own challenge coins, which last forever and maintain their value as milestone pieces.

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