7 Tips to Shop for a Wedding Dress

7 Tips to Shop for a Wedding Dress


Shopping for your wedding dress can be a fun activity, yet it’s important as well as the dress is a focal point of the big day. Let’s take a look at some tips for shopping for your wedding dress.

Figure Out What You Like

Going to wedding websites and looking at bridal magazines is a great start to figuring out what designers and style dresses that you like. There are many designers, colors, silhouettes, and various different choices as far as a strap, sleeves or sleeveless. It is best to get at least some idea of what you like before you get started shopping in the store – it makes it easier on you as well as the salesperson.

Call for an Appointment

Once you have figured out a direction of your style, that will help you figure out the type of wedding salon to make an appointment. Different salons carry different designers and different style dresses. If you had seen a dress online and you are interested in trying it on, when you call to make the appointment – ask and make sure they have it there. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed when you showed up.

Bring the Right Underthings

When you call to make the appointment, ask for their opinion on the type of undergarments that you should bring. Differing salons have differing opinions; some say whatever you feel comfortable in. Some say bring a variety of different types as it depends on the dress for the style you would need.

Eat Before Arriving to Your Appointment

People act different ways when they are hungry – but in most cases it isn’t good. You want to really be able to focus on each dress and have a good time.

Keep Entourage Numbers Low

Keep your guest list only down to your nearest and dearest – those that you can trust to give their honest opinions (though the final decision is up to you). Large parties can get confusing with so many opinions flying around.

Try to Match Your Venue

Try to have your venue in mind when you are picking out your wedding dress. Just like you wouldn’t want your guests look out of place – for example: someone in blue jeans at a black tie wedding, you wouldn’t want your wedding dress to look out of place at your venue.

Allow Enough Time

Depending on the designer they may need 4-5 months to create the dress, and then fittings will need to be completed. The amount of fittings and length of time between fittings can vary. It can take a total of 6-12 months for the entire process. Rushing the process may be possible for an additional fee.

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