6 Common Laundry Stains for Athletes and How To Get Rid of Them

6 Common Laundry Stains for Athletes and How To Get Rid of Them

Stains can happen at any time, but are very common when you play sports regularly. Grass, clay and dirt stains are easy to treat, but it is best to apply the recommended treatment as quickly as possible, or while the stain is fresh. In addition to treating the stain immediately, it is best to pretreat the garment with the desired stain treatment before washing it.

Avoid drying any clothing that is stained, as this can cause stains to become very difficult to remove. Instead, repeat the pretreatment and washing routine until the stain is completely gone before drying the garment in the dryer.

Grass Stains

To remove grass stains, wet the stained area with cool water, and rub liquid laundry detergent or a bar of Fels Naptha laundry soap onto the stained area. Allow the pretreatment to remain for a few minutes, then wash the garment. Use chlorine bleach as recommended for white or colorfast garments, or use colorsafe bleach to remove grass stains on colored garments.

Dirt and Clay Stains

To remove dirt and clay stains on nylon uniforms, such as baseball uniforms, wet the stained area and apply liquid dish washing detergent to the stain. Rub the detergent in, and let the garment sit overnight before washing. If the stain persists, apply a paste made with water and powdered dishwasher detergent. After two to three hours, wash the garment as usual.

Sweat Stains

To easily remove sweat stains, wet the stained area with cold water, and apply a mixture of one part liquid dishwashing detergent and two parts hydrogen peroxide to the stained area. Allow the mixture to remain for up to an hour before washing as usual.

Asphalt Stains

If you are a runner, or if you participate in marathons, you may occasionally see asphalt stains on your running gear. To remove asphalt stains, apply an aerosol pretreatment to the stain, and check the stain after one minute. If the stain persists, apply heavy-duty laundry detergent to the stain, or treat the stained area with dry cleaning solution.

Sports Drink Stains

To remove sports drink stains, rinse the stain under cool water, and pour a high quality liquid laundry detergent on the stain. After 20 minutes, wash the garment as usual. Check the stain to ensure it is gone before drying the garment, and repeat the pretreatment process if the stain persists.

Blood Stains

Salt effectively removes small blood stains. To use this remedy, begin by wetting the stain lightly with cool water. Make a paste with salt and a little water, and rub a small amount of the paste onto the front and back of stain. After a few minutes, rinse the stained area under cold running water to remove the salt, and wash the garment as usual.

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