5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Everybody knows how to renovate a kitchen, or so they think. Thoughts of stunning granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and cabinets as far as the eye can see enter the minds of those who want to update their kitchens, but are quickly depleted when the cost is considered. Thankfully and rightfully so, updating a kitchen can be as cost-effective as it is simple and the results are worth a million dollars, if not literally.

Change Your Hardware

Few pay mind to the knobs found on cabinets and drawers. They know they’re there, but do not really consider the effect they have on the entire space. If you have dark ones now, swap them for light ones or vice versa. These minute details make a world of difference.

Make the Most Out of Accessories

Buying new kitchen appliances and decorations all of the time becomes costly, which is why making the most out of what you already have is crucial. Plop your frequently used spices on wooden trays, stage your cutting boards, and transfer your flour or pastas to chic mason jars. HGTV offers great tips on decorating your counter tops as well.

Freshen Up the Cabinets

In addition to buying new hardware for the cabinets, paint them entirely for a new look. Cheaper than painting the whole kitchen, a fresh coat on the cabinets can make it look as if you changed the entire space. Opt for pale colors, like sage, blue, or yellow to ensure cohesion with the rest of the room.

Make the House a Home with Rustic Elements

Flashy decorations are great for guests to feast their eyes on, but will leave residents of the home wishing for more. Even if farm decor is not for you, rustic elements can work with your modern tastes. Replace the pantry door with a sliding barn door, display copper pots and accents, and utilize mason jar lights that you can make yourself. Rustic is in and it can be classy, too.

Increase Your Storage with Simple Shelving

One of the greatest ways to update a kitchen is by making it more functional. Clutter often deters people from executing certain activities. Basically, if your mixing bowl is buried under twenty pots and pans, those cookies are going to remain an idea and not a snack on the kitchen table. To make your kitchen more usable, install shelving on simple metal hooks throughout the room. Under or above the cabinets, over the sink, and above the oven are all great spaces to put these shelves.

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