5 Ways To Save On Household Décor

5 Ways To Save On Household Décor

Decorating on a budget is a challenge that you can overcome by taking a creative approach to home decor. After deciding on a color theme for each room, begin by deciding which pieces are most important to purchase, and which pieces you can make yourself. With some time investment, you can easily decorate your home without overspending.

One Piece Wonders

Choosing one large piece, rather than several smaller pieces, is an affordable way to decorate the home. For instance, choose one large framed piece of art for the living room. Ideally, the piece should accent the colors of the furnishings to accent the theme of the space. Another option is to invest in a rug for a space that needs a touch of color and style.

Recycled Decor

To decorate on a budget, consider shopping at thrift and secondhand stores for bottom-dollar deals. A wide range of furnishings, framed art and accent pieces are available at thrift stores, and the prices are usually well under retail. You can even find name-brand pieces at discounted prices. As an added bonus, the inventory at thrift stores changes often, providing you with a wide range of choices over time.

Updating Wooden Furnishings

A little paint or wood stain can change the look of a piece that you already own. To refinish a piece of furniture, begin by sanding down the exterior of the piece. Wipe away, or vacuum, the dust off the piece, and apply one to three coats of paint or stain, referring to the instructions on the paint or stain packaging to determine the best application methods. This method works best with real wood furnishings, but can also be used to update faux wood if you sand the piece well before applying paint.

Big Box Store Finds

Big box stores have a wide range of inexpensive furnishings, including dressers, end tables and accent tables. Opt for neutral pieces, such as those with a natural wood finish, to easily incorporate the piece as the colors and themes in your home change over time. You can also watch for sales and discounts to save even more on decorating costs.

Get Crafty With Fabric

You can easily change the look of any room by updating the window treatments. Making your own curtains or drapes is a budget-friendly option that allows you to choose the fabric and style of your window treatments even if you don’t have a lot to spend. When cutting the fabric to make the curtains, add at least one to two inches to each measurement to ensure the fabric bunches attractively, and sew fabric to the back of the curtain to line it and improve the curtain’s ability to keep out light and sound.

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