5 Things to Never Store in a Crawlspace Area

5 Things to Never Store in a Crawlspace Area

A crawl space can be a great place in your home for extra storage. While crawl spaces do give some very functional additional space, there are many different items that you should avoid storing in the crawl spaces altogether.

Natural Wood Furniture
One item that you should never keep in your crawl space is furniture if it is made of wood or another natural element. While a crawl space will have some level of insulation and protection from the outside elements, they still tend to be more damp and exposed than other areas were home. Because of this, any wood furniture that you have in their can soon begin to break down. Within a short period of time, it will look worn and could lose its structural integrity.

Explosives or Fire Hazards
In general, a crawl space will be an area of the home that is very infrequently visited or examined. Because of this, anything in there that could be a fire hazard could pose a significant risk. Due to this, you should make sure that all explosives, such as fireworks, candles, and lighters, should be stored in a more safe location. Ideally, they should be stored at room temperature in a safe area of your home.

Valuable Personal Items
While a crawl space is a great place to store items that are not regularly in use, you should avoid storing anything in there that is of high personal value. Whether the items have monetary or emotional value, your crawls space will not be a good place to store these items. Instead, you should find a place in your home that provides a cleaner and more stable place for storage.

When you are looking for items to store in your crawl space, You should also avoid storing electronics. Most modern electronics today are built with a wide range of different circuits and gadgets that can make them very functional to use. However if they are stored in a crawl space area, they can quickly break down. The extreme heat and moisture that can develop in a crawlspace and quickly break down and destroy most modern electronics to the point where they cannot be repaired or be functional in the future.

Finally, you should never store food in your crawl space. While you can make an exception for canned foods, most stored food will be a huge attraction for pests and bugs. Because of this, any food that you do store can quickly be destroyed and will continue to attract an infestation that will be much harder for you to control. If you do choose to store food in a crawl space, it is important that you make sure the space is properly sealed and that you are keeping the food in an air-tight container.

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