5 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About AAT’s (Antenna Alignment Tools)

5 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About AAT’s (Antenna Alignment Tools)

Antenna alignment tools are designed with a variety of features, so the process of picking a practical option for a home antenna maintenance project isn’t very easy. However, by following five simple steps, you can easily select a practical antenna product that suits your needs.

Determine the Main Features

Many antenna alignment tools are designed with general features, and you must determine whether or not a product with specific options can provide benefits your maintenance routine. For example, if you want to implement alignment procedures quickly, a unit with a touch screen is worth considering. Touch screen units perform well in many environments because a protective coating shields the material from harsh environmental elements. If you want to review AGL, azimuth, roll, and tilt measurements easily in dim and bright environments, you may want to buy a unit that’s designed with a color LCD screen.

Consider Bonus Features

Generally, you’ll be able to tackle the most common antenna alignment tasks by using a product that measures tilt, azimuth, AGL, and roll. However, if you want to tackle many other antenna maintenance tasks, you’ll need a device with bonus features. Advanced antenna alignment tools may include technology for tasks that involve panel antennas and microwave systems with point-to-point design elements. Other bonus options for advanced units include tactic measurement tools and options for reports.

Use Social Media for Product Review

Although the latest antenna products are designed with helpful tools, the process of testing the features isn’t easy in store, as you’ll have to buy a product in order to use it. The best way to determine whether or not an antenna alignment tool is worth your investment is by reviewing comments on social media. Many homeowners who own modern antenna alignment tools post reviews about the features on a variety of social media platforms, and you can use this information to simplify the scouting process.

Visit the Company Website for Design Specs

Before buying a product, you should visit the antenna alignment company’s website in order to gather information about design specs and warranties. Depending on the business, you may also find instruction manuals and user guides on the website that provide information about specific features.

Protection Strategies 

The most important thing that you must consider is an antenna alignment product’s durability. If you buy a device that’s not durable and strong, you’ll get inaccurate measurements. In many cases, you can gather information about protection strategies in the product owner’s manual or user’s guide.

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