5 Science-backed Ways to Burn Fat

5 Science-backed Ways to Burn Fat

Losing weight must be one of the most coveted health goals in the world. If you truly wish to ramp up your fat loss it’s not beyond your reach. Here are five scientifically-backed methods of burning fat:

1. Drink green tea
While it is not the super weight loss cure it was once hyped to be, it does show promise when it comes to losing weight. Drink it in place of your afternoon coffee. It’s neuroprotective and lowers cholesterol It also contains the amino acid L-theanine which will calm you, but also polyphenols, which potentially help to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. More importantly here, it can improve your body’s capacity to burn fat.

2. Drizzle your meals with extra virgin olive oil
Dieters will actually lose more weight after eight weeks of an EVOO-enriched diet than by using other techniques. EVOO has additional benefits as well, so dropping olive oil on your food is a great addition to anything you eat and will help you drop weight too. (Don’t forget that dietary fat, which doesn’t add to body fat, is essential for absorbing phytochemicals, nutrients, and vitamins from vegetables and fruits. Good fats burn body fat.)

3. Eat Fewer Carbohydrates
If you’re eating good fats, this will be easy. The high satiety levels of both fat and protein will help here. Focus on between 100 and 200 grams of nutrient-dense, fibrous, and starchy carbohydrates daily. Eat lower-sugar fruits and potatoes. Avoid candy, soda, and juice. If you evenly disperse your carbs throughout your day, both your hormones and your natural fat-burning ability will be in full swing.

4. Strength train/exercise
Building up muscle helps melt the extra fat around your belly and tones your arms and legs too. You’ll also get that famous beta-endorphin rush which will make you happy about burning fat. Go to the gym on a regular basis and do bench presses, pull-ups, and push-ups. Throw in a few wind sprints and you will soon be feeling good and burning fat too.

5. Walk anywhere and everywhere you possibly can
Walk anywhere and everywhere whenever you can. It might not terribly fun but it is effective. After walking everywhere and anywhere for just one month you will see what can happen just from using your legs more. In fact, as you take strides towards that six-pack, the walking will not only burn fat but will set off a three percent growth in your brain tissue annually.

The most important word here is “patience.” Fat will not disappear overnight. But using the above methods regularly and having patience are will result in success.

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