5 Moments when every Parent needs a Mobile DVD Player

5 Moments when every Parent needs a Mobile DVD Player

While parents are sometimes hesitant to stick their children in front of a digital screen, studies have shown that it is not as harmful as once thought. Today reports that tablets and other digital devices should be part of a child’s life from the time they are born. Babies and toddlers learn very quickly, and with the digital age upon us, technology will only continue to advance. Here are five moments when every parent needs a mobile DVD player.

Monitoring What’s On

With streaming media being so popular these days, parents can’t always be sure what their children are watching. While ratings for shows are available, sometimes there are still some shows that parents do not want their children to watch.

With a mobile DVD player, parents can monitor what their children watch by controlling which DVDs are available. A parent may choose to offer only educational DVDs to their children, so they are confident that the children are watching something constructive rather than harmful.

Car Trips

If you are planning a long trip in the car, a portable DVD player is a must. Make sure it is all charged up before leaving on your trip to keep the kids occupied in the car. This is a great way to avoid the ever so popular phrase, “Are we there yet?”


Have you ever taken your children to a restaurant and then regretted it as soon as you ordered because they are becoming unruly? This is a great time to have a portable DVD player so they can stay quiet and focus on a movie. Sometimes this is a saving grace for being in public places with loud children.

Making Dinner

Needing both hands to yourself is often a wish that parents are not granted. If you are trying to make your child dinner, but he or she just wants to play, you will worry that they will go hungry. Instead, let them watch a DVD in the kitchen, so you are in the same room, but the child is pre-occupied.

For Yourself

Sometimes you need to use the portable DVD player for yourself. After a long day with the children, you may want to curl up in your own bed by yourself with a DVD. Having a portable player helps you to relax anywhere you want.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does suggest that parents include screen free times in their children’s days. Perhaps set aside certain hours that are only for outside play or family time.

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