5 Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

5 Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

With the excitement of planning a wedding often comes anxiety about the overwhelming expense associated with the reception. There are many ways to make planning more enjoyable by lowering costs.

Make the Best of the Off Season

Everyone wants to get married in the spring or summer. This means that competition and prices will be at a premium during this time. Consider celebrating your big day during a less popular time of year. Many reception venues offer valuable discounts during the autumn and winter.

A November wedding can be just as beautiful as one held in May, sometimes even more so. Capitalize on the unique beauty of the season to make any reception perfect. As an added bonus, it is often easier to get time off for a honeymoon during the off season.

Beg, Barter and Trade

Everyone knows someone who takes great pictures, makes gorgeous cakes or is a fantastic seamstress. What are your friends and family great at? Aunt Susan may be thrilled to make your cake as a wedding gift. Your college roommate might be happy to offer a trade of his DJ services in exchange for that sofa you were looking to replace.

Chances are, there are people who love you that would be delighted to help if asked. The most memorable parts of your reception may end up being the contributions of loved ones.

Do it Yourself or Do it Together

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Maybe you already have solid DIY skills, or maybe you’ve just been pinning away and dreaming of one day learning to make invitations, decorations and favors. Either way, weddings are a perfect reason to pull out the glue guns and ribbon.

Crafting can be even more fun with company. Schedule “date nights” with your future spouse to work on projects for the reception or plan crafting party with your wedding attendants.

Consider a Free Location

Reception venues can be the greatest expense of an entire wedding. If you’ve always imagined a June wedding and nothing else will do, think about holding your reception in a public area, such as a local park or beach. Just remember to check with authorities in regard to possible permit requirements. Sometimes a fee is required to secure a permit, but the cost is usually nominal.


It’s true that most modern style guides will consider a potluck a wedding faux pas, but almost all weddings used to be cake and punch affairs or back yard picnics. A vintage inspired potluck in the back yard of a parent or neighbor just may be the most fun any of your guests have had at a wedding!

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