5 Facts to know About Moving Violation Tickets

5 Facts to know About Moving Violation Tickets

Moving violations make up a large number of tickets in the United States each year. Statistics Brain reported that more than 41 million people get speeding tickets alone each year. That number does not include all the miscellaneous parking, following, swerving and passing violations. The following are five facts about moving violations that one should know:

1. Moving Violations Warrant Points

All states have set up a point system for moving violations. The points range per violation from one point to as many as six points. Six-point violations usually involve accidents and property damage. In Florida, a driver can get six points for leaving the scene of an accident. Points stay on the violator’s driver’s license for up to three years. Pleading not guilty and contacting an attorney is a good idea in most cases.

2. Moving Violations Increase Insurance Premiums

One thing that hits hard when it comes to moving violations is the insurance premiums. Points from violations can cause a person’s premium to go up hundreds of dollars. The rate may vary between insurance companies.

3. Moving Violations Cause Accidents

One solid fact about moving violations is that they cause automobile accidents. Most crashes have something to do with distracted driving, drunk driving or a moving violation such as speeding. In fact, speeding alone causes more than 29 percent of all crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Car accidents happen because an inconsiderate driver smashes into another driver who had no clue what was going on behind or alongside the vehicle.

4. Moving Violations Takes Lives

Thousands of people lose their lives because of moving violations. Speeding was responsible for more than 9,600 deaths in 2013. Moving violations are huge culprits in personal injury cases, as well. More than 6,000 people file personal injury cases each year so that they can collect compensation for themselves or a deceased loved one. U.S. Attorneys reported that people file new lawsuits every two seconds. Those statistics indicate that there is a serious problem with people who do not want to pay attention to the law.

5. Police Are More Likely to Issue Tickets on Holidays and Weekends

Most moving violation tickets are issued on holidays, weekends and the beginning and end of the month. Police often have quotas to meet during those times, and they are not likely to turn a blind eye at those times.

All the above stated information should force drivers into the reality that conducting moving violations is extremely harmful. They should be mindful of their safety and the safety of other people on the road, as well. Failing to adhere to traffic rules can cause irreversible damage.


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