5 Essential Items You Need for a Medieval Fair

5 Essential Items You Need for a Medieval Fair

Whether you are a hardcore fantasy fan or you just like to have fun, medieval fairs are a great place to visit. There is something for everyone of any age. Think it’s just for nerds? Huffington Post listed it as the second best adventure to have during the summer. Here are some items to take with you that will make your experience more enjoyable and make sure your trip to the local renaissance festival is truly a great time.

Peasants Don’t Take Credit Cards
More than anything, make sure you bring cash with you. While the higher end vendors might accept credit cards, most of the food booths and wandering vendors do not. If you plan on eating at the fair, and you definitely should try some tasty treats, make sure you bring a good amount of cash.

Protect Your Feet
Good shoes are a must. There is a lot of walking to be had during a renaissance festival and you don’t want to end up with blisters on your poor heels when you still have half the day left. If you plan on dressing up, make sure you incorporate a good pair of shoes into your outfit.

Don’t Forget Your ID
If you’re of age, one of the biggest attractions during any medieval fair is the alcohol. There are lots of custom wine blends, not to mention ales from all over the world. So make sure you bring your driver’s license, and don’t forget your designated driver!

Keep An Eye On The Weather
Make sure you check the weather and plan accordingly before you leave. If it’s going to be a hot day, put on your sunscreen before you leave the house. And don’t forget to pack an umbrella.

Bring Your Sense of Adventure
The most important item to bring is your sense of adventure. A lot of fun can be had at a renaissance fair if you keep an open mind and let yourself relax and enjoy the weirdness. Volunteer for the shows, play along with the various cast members walking around, and embrace the joyful atmosphere. You can also dress up like a pirate or a medieval barmaid or even Queen Victoria or King Henry!

Medieval fairs are a great place to relax, have fun, and let your inner kid run wild. With a little bit of preparation, you could easily have so much fun, you’re going to want to go back the next weekend!

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