4 Major Differences Between Real and Electronic Cigars

4 Major Differences Between Real and Electronic Cigars

The number one, most addictive drug in the world is perfectly legal – nicotine. It is most commonly found in tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars which are consumed in the billions by customers all over the world. Fortunately modern technology brings us electronic smoking products that can provide all the enjoyment of traditional cigars. There seems to be no argument that e-cigars are the healthier choice, but here are four major differences between e-cigars and regular cigars that make it a clear choice.

1. Savings
One of the major differences between e-cigars and the traditional tobacco products is price. The original price you pay for a good e-cigar may be higher, but over time you’ll find that your spending a lot less money on the electronic version than you did on traditional cigars, particularly if your tastes ran to the higher quality cigars which can get quite pricey themselves. Unlike regular cigars, e-cigars are reusable and refillable. Over a period of time smoking e-cigars amounts to savings.

2. Chemical content
Despite the alarmist efforts to classify vaping products along with regular tobacco brands, e-cigars are completely free of most of the 4,000+ chemicals produced by burning and smoking regular cigars, including acetone, ammonia, benzene, arsenic , lung-damaging tar, and known carcinogens. Most e-cigars include only four compounds: flavorings, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin, none of which can be considered toxic. To cover a variety of smoking needs, e-liquids can be found in a wide assortment of flavors and nicotine levels, including nicotine-free versions.

3. After effects
One of the aspects of traditional cigars that non-smokers object to is the smoke and lingering odor. Pleasant as the smell of a quality cigar is to cigar lovers, to others in the household it accumulates in furniture, carpets, clothing, and other fabrics as an unpleasant odor not very different from the stale “ashtray” smell constant cigarette smoking leaves in a room.

Other consequences of tobacco cigars include yellowed or stained teeth and fingertips that appear after periods of heavy smoking. This is from the tobacco itself, and is a problem that doesn’t come with electronic cigars that are tobacco-free.

4. Second-hand smoke
According to the CDC, secondhand tobacco smoke accounts for 41,000 deaths per year. It can also lead to cancer and has damaging effects on the skin even for non-smokers exposed to it. The e-liquid vapors produced by e-cigars are primarily made up of water vapor, which dissipates naturally into the air, and a few harmless chemical compounds. These “vape” clouds are not a health risk to smokers or bystanders. E-cigars do not actually emit any smoke, and do not have polluting effects on the environment.

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