4 Instant Perks of Utilizing Once-Fired Brass

4 Instant Perks of Utilizing Once-Fired Brass

Once-fired brass is a term that is used in the industry for a more broad definition of the term reloadable brass. Typically obtained from shooting ranges or military sources, once-fired brass is the casing from shells and ammunition that have been used once.  Let’s take a look at 4 instant perks of utilizing once-fired brass:

Cost Savings 

One of the first things that you will notice being new to guns, is the fact that shooting can be expensive. There is the initial cost of your firearm, range fees (if you don’t have land), and then there is the expense of the shells – which can really add up. If you choose to reload ammunition with once fired brass, it can provide a cost savings. The level of savings depends on the type of gun the ammunition would be fun and the type of materials that are used – but there are savings nonetheless.

Customized Loads

One of the best benefits is being able to customize your reloads as you see fit. You are able to customize the ammunition based upon what you are shooting whether it is target practice or are hunting live game. You can change the amount of recoil – whether you want more or less. Variations can be achieved by adjusting the amount of powder that is used, changing the type of powder that is used, and/or the bullet weight in order to customize your own reloads.

Available Shells 

Back a few years ago, ammunition was flying off the shelves and there was a concern that ammunition was going to be hard to get. Those that like once fired brass and can reload their own shells, and purchase supplies to make ammunition. Once doing so, are then able to create ammunition to have on hand.  Just be sure to store properly – you’ll want to avoid high heat and prevent exposure to moisture and humidity. Keep your eye out for any green showing on the brass casings. These are signs that your casings have not been stored properly, and should not be utilized.

You Gain a New Hobby 

Many who have gotten into utilizing once fired brass and started reloading, find it to be a great hobby and enjoy it very much. You learn a lot more about the working of your weapon, how it is assembled, and what it really requires by way of ammunition. Continuing to learn and grow, experiment, while assembling optimized ammunition. This hobby is best enjoyed by those that are neat in nature with their workspaces, have a thirst for knowledge, and take their time in their work.


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