3 Ways to Boost Your Workout Routine

3 Ways to Boost Your Workout Routine

Exercise means something else to different people. For some it is a hobby; for some it is a chore. No matter the type of person, one thing is for certain, everyone could use some tips to making their exercise routine more efficient.

Exercise can reduce stress, help you lose weight, and generally improves the mood. There are a variety of ways to make the workout experience better, both by making the process more enjoyable and speeding up progress. Below, three ways of improving your workout routine have been listed.


This one won’t directly make you lose weight faster, gain muscle, or change your technique. However, it does make the workout experience more enjoyable. People who have been working out for years probably already take earbuds to the gym with them, but newcomers to exercise may not realize the importance of music.

Music makes you comfortable. Listening to something that soothes you or pumps you up can not only motivate you more, but it also makes the workout experience more enjoyable. If you aren’t already listening to music during your workout, give it a try and see the results for yourself. You will find that the workout time passes more quickly, creating a more enjoyable experience, especially for those that don’t particularly enjoy exercising.

Music is great for running, lifting, riding bikes, and a variety of other routines.

Grunting and Being Loud

Everyone has seen someone at the gym that is obnoxiously loud, but the truth is, they know something that most don’t. Grunting and generally being loud can actually help a workout.

Grunting isn’t the only way to help the workout verbally. Cursing during the workout, studies show, actually improves the workout by 2 to 4 percent.

Now, next time you are struggling to lift that last rep of your set, drop an F-bomb and perhaps you’ll channel enough energy to push the bar all the way up.

Scientist have hypothesized that cursing and grunting during a workout is similar to the process of meditation, providing just enough motivation to finish your set.

Find Some Competition

Working out alone can be boring. By finding a partner of similar strength and fitness to work out alongside you can be beneficial to both parties. Together, rather than alone, you will both find additional motivation to surpass the other, increasing progress and making the work-out experience more enjoyable.

Creating competition for yourself isn’t limited to competing with other people either.
Simply creating a goal for yourself, like engaging in challenge set for yourself can feel like you are competing with yourself. This is one of the greatest ways to increase your efficiency in the gym.

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