3 Unique Uses for PE Bottles

3 Unique Uses for PE Bottles

Polypropylene or PE is a type of plastic that you likely see and use every day. Our lives can be so hectic and keeping track of all the products you need, from beauty items to cleaning solutions, can be a hassle. Polypropylene can help. This type of plastic has a lot of great uses that can not only make your life easier, but also keep you organized on a regular basis.

1. Store food items

Food is 100 percent safe in your polypropylene bottles, and you can store anything you like there. Many people like to use polypropylene bottles to store their dressings and syrups. If you have a particular salad dressing you like to make, for example, you can make it and store it in an airtight polypropylene bottle for safe keeping.

2. Organize your beauty products

Beauty products are expensive, but making your own is often not very difficult. If you do decide to create your own lotions, body washes or body scrubs, you’ll need a place to store them, and polypropylene bottles are a good choice. These bottles will keep your products safe. In addition, they will keep you from having to dump out product to know what’s inside a given bottle because the clear products are easy to see through. You can also easily label a polypropylene bottle with a permanent marker. Even if you don’t make your own products, these bottles can be very useful for your beauty.

3. Make your own cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions sold in stores often contain nasty toxins and chemicals that can slowly make the air, water and surfaces around you unhealthy. It’s important to use products that clean well, but you want to keep you and your family healthy too.

A good tip is to make your own cleaning products, and you can store them in polypropylene bottles. Start with an all purpose cleaner, then create a window cleaner, detergent and other necessary products. Vinegar, lemon, baking soda and other natural ingredients make great cleaners that won’t make you unhealthy.

Types of Polypropylene or PE Bottles

If you are interested in purchasing some polypropylene bottles for these three uses or any others, there are many different options to choose from. Polypropylene bottles are not expensive by nature and are often sold in bulk. Many shop owners or beauty companies will buy them in large quantities for selling specific items. Restaurants also buy big quantities of these bottles.

You can purchase a large container of these bottles in all the same size, or you can look for a variety pack, which will include bottles that range from tiny containers for cosmetic products to large jugs. The internet is likely the best place to find these items at the best prices.

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