3 Truths About Your Favorite E-Cig Brand

3 Truths About Your Favorite E-Cig Brand

Don’t you hate the moment when you are finishing up your stroll through the park and out of nowhere, a puff of cigarette smoke hits your nostrils? Fortunately, cigarettes are looking like a thing of the past; the popularity of the electronic cigarette has been surging for the past decade. This should come as no surprise after the take down of the tobacco industries, but why are we so sure that e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes?

Cheaper Than a Cigarette Habit
According to ABC News, the electronic cigarette is not only safer, it is also less expensive than an average cigarette addiction. Many cigarette users will spend upwards of $1000 this year on cigarettes alone. Instead, you can buy a year supply of E-cigs and their cartridges for less than $600. On top of this, It is possible to save money on doctor visits due to healthier lungs.

A Nicotine Alternative
There is no conclusive evidence concerning E-cigs and their usability to quit smoking. However, an e-cigarette will aid in quitting a cigarette habit. An e-cigarette contains a liquid that is vaporized through the power of a battery, this liquid usually contains flavoring and varying amounts of nicotine. This combination creates a reminiscent feeling of a cigarette without the harmful additives. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “Because they deliver nicotine without burning tobacco, e-cigarettes appear as if they may be a safer, less toxic alternative to conventional cigarettes.”

E-Cigarettes Are Not Regulated
This is an important topic that many don’t discuss. The FDA is currently in the process of obtaining the ability to regulate these products. Unfortunately, this means there is no sure way to know whether e-cigarettes are better for our health than tobacco cigarettes. Due to the inability to regulate, selling e-cigarettes to minors was legal and the possibility of unknown substances within each liquid is a possible detriment to our health. In order to combat uncertainty, many different branches of the state have begun to regulate e-cigarettes at the local and state levels.

Whether you enjoy the plant or the machine, it will always be your choice. There are plenty of different e-cigarette brands, make sure to do the research before purchasing any cartridge or liquid. It isn’t possible to distinguish whether e-cigarettes are positive or negative for your health. In the end, you must decide whether you’d like to inhale vapor or smoke, the effects are the same!

Happy Vaping!

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