3 Binder Accessories Every Student Needs to Have

3 Binder Accessories Every Student Needs to Have

When it comes to organizing yourself for school, having a binder to contain all of your most important documents is essential. A binder is a great idea no matter if you are in elementary, middle or high school or even in college. But what’s inside your binder really counts as well, so make sure you have these essential binder accessories.

1. Dividers and a system for dividing

The first thing you want me to have for your binder is a set of dividers and a system for dividing. This is definitely the most important thing to have in your binder.

You can find a set of dividing papers or plastic sheets in any office supply store, but you will have to come up with your system for dividing your documents on your own. For example, do you want to divide your school binder by class, by date or by type of document?

There is no right or wrong reason to this question, but you should do what works best for you. Some students will find that keeping the homework for all of their classes together in one spot helps keep them organized and handing things in on time. But others won’t work this away, and they will prefer to organize their school binders by class or perhaps even by date. The choice is yours, but find a way to stay organized.

2. A zip up case to hold pencils, business cards and other small things

Not everything in your binder is going to be the regular size of a paper sheet, so you should also have a zip up case at the front of your binder that can move around in the binder rings just like a piece of paper or a plastic protector.

Make sure that it zips up because you don’t want your small items falling out. This container is great for things like pencils, erasers, rubber bands or other office accessories. You can also put smaller documents or pieces of paper that would otherwise fall out in this case.

3. An in-binder hole punch

Most writing paper is already three hole punched, but there are some documents you will receive in class or print out at home that you will have to punch on your own. Lugging a heavy three hole punch around with you is not an option you want to entertain, so to make it easier to punch documents, purchase a three hole punch that can actually go inside your binder and fit into the middle binder rings just like a piece of paper. These can be purchased at any office supply store and will really come in handy during class and studying because you will always have it with you.

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