How to Make the Move Fun for Kids

How to Make the Move Fun for Kids

For a child, a move can be a frightening time. Kids are creatures of habit and grow used to their homes, schools and neighborhoods. If your family makes the decision to move, whether it is a short move to a new neighborhood or thousands of miles across the country, your child will have to adjust to the idea. Read on for some tips on making the move as fun and easy as possible for your children.

Talk to Your Kids Early 
Let your children know in advance that you will be moving. This will give your children time to get used to the fact that they will be leaving their home. They can ask questions and allay any fears they may have. You can make sure they know that all of their favorite toys and objects will be coming with them and make plans for staying in touch with their friends.

Scope Out Your New Location 
One way to get your kids excited about a move is to look for fun things to do in your new location. If possible, make a visit to the place where you’re moving so that your kids can become familiar with their new home. Look for fun activities that your new town has to offer. This will help your children get excited about all the fun things to do there. If you can visit your new house and children’s new school, that is even better. Anything that can help prepare your children and make them more comfortable about the move is helpful. If you cannot visit your new town, then do some online research together. Try to find activities that will interest your child. For example, if your kids love to be outdoors, research some fun hiking trails and camping sites in your new area.

Let Your Kids Help with Packing 
Many kids, especially young ones, may be concerned that you will leave behind favorite toys and possessions. You can help with these fears by letting your children help to pack their things. Very young children may be nervous about putting certain toys in a box and packing them away, so you may want to allow your child to pick two or three special toys to travel with him or her in a backpack for the drive or flight.

Make the Trip an Adventure 
Moving day can be a stressful day for your entire family. Whether you are driving or flying to your new home, keeping your kids occupied and happy will make the trip go much more smoothly. Make sure to pack plenty of your kids’ favorite snacks. You may also want to purchase some new toys and games for the trip to make things move a little more quickly for your kids. If you’re driving and have the time, consider stopping at some cool locations along the way.

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